Making a Claim – How Long Have I Got?

When you suffer an injury or unfair treatment, your focus should be on recovering from any emotional distress or disruption to your daily life. Once you are on the road to recovery, it’s important to begin pursuing a dispute settlement or compensation claim as soon as possible. Below, we list some of the most common claims that injury lawyers are presented with and the timeframes within which they must be started.

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Common Law and Statutory Claims – What’s the Difference?

Workers’ Compensation claims fall under two distinct categories; common law and statutory claims. Understanding these two systems can save a lot of confusion in the long run so we’re taking the time to explain these types of claims and the processes they involve.

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What to do if you are not satisfied with WorkCover

If you have been injured due to your working conditions, WorkCover is required to offset all payments for treatment. Occasionally, this is not the case and Australian employees are left out of pocket. If you are unhappy with the financial support you have received, we’ve put together this guide to the process of appealing a workers’ compensation decision.

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Public Liability Claim: Don’t Wait Too Long

The process for making a public liability claim can be lengthy and exhausting, which is why it is important to lodge your claim as soon as it arises. In this article, we’re taking a look at public liability claims and the processes behind them.

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Don’t Put Up with Abuse Anymore

For too many years, employees have been coping with workplace abuse without speaking up for their rights. This silent predisposition has been changing in recent years as we begin to understand the types of abuse and the level of harm that can result. Today, we’re highlighting forms of abuse and the options available to you as an Australian employee.

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Does My Case Have to Go to Court?

Going to court can be a costly and stressful procedure, particularly when you’re dealing with a minor claim. However, there are alternative services available that can remove the need to for a formal hearing. In this way, you can often reach a settlement faster, save money, preserve relationships and have your say in a less formal setting. Here are a few of the alternative resolution services we offer at Brisbane Injury Lawyers:

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Settling a Motor Vehicle Accident – What to Expect

Accidents on the road have a devastating effect on vehicles, property and the well-being of those involved. If you choose to go ahead with an accident claim, an injury lawyer can help you navigate the case. We’ve taken an in-depth look at the legal processes and expectations involved in making a motor vehicle accident claim.

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Injured at Work? Know Your Rights

Workplace injuries are exceedingly common as Australian workers put themselves in dangerous situations on behalf of their employer. Be it company negligence, accidental injury or defective equipment, it’s important to know your rights. In this article, we will be explaining the processes involved with workers’ compensation in Queensland and wider Australia.

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Surgical Procedures Gone Wrong – Medical Negligence Claims

Medical malpractice is deemed to have occurred when treatment from a medical professional falls below an acceptable standard in their duty of care. Unfortunately, accidents can happen during surgery; illnesses can be misdiagnosed and warning signs can be missed during consultation. When you have suffered harm as a direct result of medical negligence, proceeding with a legal claim can provide financial and emotional relief from the trauma.

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Common Reasons Why Plaintiffs Make Claims

Legal claims often result in financial compensation being awarded but this is not always the first priority of the plaintiff. Court cases are pursued for a variety of reasons, all of which demonstrate valid motivation to put in the work required to successfully win a legal battle. A few common reasons our clients make legal claims are listed below.

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What to Expect in Your Consultation with Brisbane Injury Lawyers

Beginning a legal claim can seem daunting if you’ve never had to hire a lawyer before but at Brisbane Injury Lawyers, we take pride in offering the highest standard of assistance throughout claims. We aim to make every client feel completely comfortable and confident in their claim, so read on to learn more about what’s involved in the process.
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Should I Accept an Out of Court Settlement?

There are a variety of ways to resolve a personal injury claim after an accident. Insurance could cover medical expenses or a case could go to trial, resulting in a verdict and monetary award. However the majority of cases are settled out of court (at or before compulsory conferences).

These settlements are often negotiated by personal injury lawyers from both sides. But this isn’t necessarily the quickest, cheapest or best option for the injured party. Accepting a settlement directly from the other party without consulting a lawyer can be especially risky.

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A Guide to Claiming Workplace Injuries

What Kind of Injuries Can I Apply for?

Workplace injuries can range from serious illness, injury or damage (including amputations, fractures and brain injuries) through to less severe injuries such as strains and sprains (e.g. repetitive strain injury).

Examples of injuries include:

  • Injuries suffered at work, as a result of work or during work activities
  • Diseases caused by work
  • Diseases or pre-existing conditions made worse by work
  • Injuries suffered while travelling for work
  • Injuries suffered while receiving medical treatment for a separate work injury

A work injury doesn’t have to be purely physical. Mental injuries such as those driven by stress, or leading to events such as a heart attack or worsening of a pre-existing condition can also be eligible for workplace injury compensation.

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What to Do after a Slip and Fall


Of the different types of accidents that can happen when out in public places, slip and falls are among the most common. Claiming for injuries in these cases falls under a public liability claim.

Slip and fall cases have gained popularity in the news, with massive payouts against well-known supermarkets such as Woolworths or Coles. However, while some big payouts make news headlines, a slip and fall injury case does not need to be big to be worth pursuing.

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Australia’s Biggest Compensation Payouts


While not all workplace compensation cases are front page news, certain shocking injuries have seen compensation payouts soaring into the millions.

While they may seem excessive, these payments are often awarded to compensate for horrific injuries which will last the rest of one’s natural life.

Here are some of Australia’s biggest compensation payouts.


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