Mining Injury Claims & Compensation

Mine workers are exposed to high risk activities every day. Even with quality training, safety policies and experience, accidents can still happen and leave workers with lengthy rehabilitation and difficulties returning to full capacity.

Injuries can sometimes be permanent, affecting the lives of both the victim and their family. If you have been injured in a mining accident you may be eligible for compensation.


Common Mining Injuries

In Queensland, mining and quarrying industries are required to provide the Mines Inspectorate with reports of serious accidents and high risk incidents in accordance with the legislation of mining safety. Common mining injuries and illnesses in the mining industry include:

  • Lung disease
  • Electric shock
  • Burns caused by electrical equipment
  • Injury or death from falls, machinery faults or other physical trauma
  • Psychological injuries


According to data from WorkCover Queensland, back injuries are still the most common at 20 per cent followed by hands and fingers at 13 per cent and head and face at 12 per cent. Psychological injuries continue to rise with a 35 per cent annual increase.


Making a Claim

If you’ve suffered a mining injury of this type or any other, you may get compensated. Speak to a lawyer who understands the physical, economic, medical and psychological impacts. Our team understands the long-term consequences for individuals involved in mining accidents.

The team at Brisbane Injury Lawyers have the skill and experience to obtain full and fair compensation for victims who have been injured while working in a mine. We believe every person has the right to legal representation, which is why we charge no fees until the successful conclusion of your claim.

We pay all the outlay costs, including medical and investigation reports until your claim is over. No Win, No Fee.


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