What Are Compensation Claim Issues in the Hospitality Sector

Restaurants, cafes, clubs, hotels and events are all part of the hospitality sector, an industry full of hazards for both workers and customers. Sharp objects, open flames and large, congested crowds are common features of these places, capable of causing serious injury.

Both workers and customers injured in a hospitality venue or workplace may be eligible to claim compensation to cover medical costs, lost earnings and loss and suffering. There are different processes for making a claim, depending on whether the claimant is a worker or a guest. We’ll explain hospitality compensation processes and issues below for workers, guests and businesses.


Workers’ Compensation

If you are a worker in the hospitality industry and you sustain an injury related to your job, you may be able to claim workers’ compensation. You can make a claim regardless of whether you were working at the time or whether it was your fault. Common injuries include cuts, burns, physical assault, repetitive strain injuries, strains from lifting heavy objects and slips, trips and falls.

You should inform your employer immediately after you sustain an injury and then lodge a compensation claim. Depending on the circumstances or seriousness of the incident, you may also be able to make a common law negligence claim against your employer or another person. This generally requires you to prove another person was at fault.

Get Legal Support for Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Depending on the circumstances, your workers’ compensation claim will either result in settlement by negotiation or through court action. Expert legal support is essential for negotiating a claim to ensure you receive appropriate compensation and are not disadvantaged by opposing lawyers.

Pursuing a compensation claim in court requires proper legal services in order to manage the documentation, legal processes, witnesses and other matters related to your claim.


Compensation Claims by the Customer

Like workers, customers of hospitality businesses also face a variety of risks such as food-borne illnesses in restaurants, alcohol-fuelled violence in bars and accidents involving courtesy transportation for hotels. Hospitality businesses must take proactive steps to cover claims for unexpected accidents with public liability insurance.

If you are a customer injured on the premises of a hospitality business, you may be able to make a public liability claim. For a claim to be successful, a duty of care by the owner of the premises to the customer needs to be demonstrated. For example, a pipe that should’ve been repaired bursts and injures you.


Legal Support for Public Liability Claims

Like workers’ compensation claims, quality legal support from experienced compensation lawyers is essential for a successful public liability claim. The process for making a claim can often be complex, requiring a collection of evidence related to the incident, medical documentation and an investigation of the varying insurance avenues available.


Brisbane Injury Lawyers

Claims are subject to strict time limits. To give your claim the best chance, speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. If you need to lodge a workers’ compensation claim or public liability claim in Queensland, speak with the experienced team at Brisbane Injury Lawyers.

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