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Brisbane Injury Lawyers provides a comprehensive range of services for compensation claims related to public liability. If you’ve been injured on someone else’s property, public land, or commercial premises, you may be entitled to compensation based on public liability.

Public Liability Compensation Explained

If you’ve been involved in an accident on someone else’s property, you may be entitled to claim compensation. Claims can generally be made if the accident was the result of the owner’s negligence or carelessness.

Office buildings, stores, homes, apartment buildings and other premises may present hazards that can cause slips, falls or other incidents. When these types of accidents lead to injuries, permanent disabilities or even death, the person who owns or operates the premises may be held liable.

Brisbane Injury Lawyers Legal Services for Public Liability Claims

Public liability claims may be complex and claims can be contested by property owners or other parties involved in a Public Liability incident. If you have a claim for public liability compensation, it is strongly advised to explore your avenues for compensation with injury lawyers.

There is no substitute for thorough preparation and as your lawyers, we ensure that every aspect of the case is reviewed and every insurance avenue is explored. One of these insurance avenues is Total Permanent Disability insurance, which is provided by many superannuation companies.

Time Limits Apply to Public Liability Claims

Do not delay in seeking compensation. Please make contact with our friendly team as soon as possible after sustaining your injury as limitation periods apply to this type of claim.

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If you would like assistance with making a claim for public liability compensation, Brisbane Injury Lawyers can provide the legal services, support and guidance you need. Contact us online or call (07) 3188 5800 to speak directly to one of our friendly public liability lawyers.

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