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Every employee deserves to work in a safe environment, and laws in Queensland exist to uphold this and protect workers so that they can lodge a work accident claim. Despite this, things can still go wrong. If you’ve been injured at work, or have become ill as a result of your work or workplace, you may be entitled to claim compensation. Our expert team of personal injury lawyers offers a range of legal services for work-related injury and worker’s compensation claims.

Important Facts about Work-Related Injury Claims

Injuries or illnesses sustained at work, as a result of doing your job, on a scheduled break at work, or travelling to or from work are classified as work-related injuries. Similarly, if your health and wellbeing have been negatively impacted by your work, or you have a pre-existing injury or illness that has gotten worse due to work, you are entitled to make a claim.

Legal issues can be complicated, and larger claims are often contested in court by legal representatives. Legal support is crucial to protect your interests and secure the best result possible.

You may be eligible to make a claim for workers’ compensation for:

  • Physical injuries;
  • Psychological issues
  • Disease or illness;
  • Medical costs;
  • Disability compensation;
  • Ongoing treatment and rehabilitation;
  • Loss of income, including current or future income, or both, and;
  • Other damage related to the injury affecting you or your family.

There are also possible risks for claimants in this area of law:

  • Claims for compensation may not reflect claimants’ full entitlements.
  • Claimants may not be aware of their right to claim compensation.
  • Claimants may finalise a compensation claim without obtaining their complete compensation entitlements.

Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Compensation Claim

There are two ways of settling a worker’s compensation claim, and both require the presence of expert compensation lawyers on your side.

  • Settlement by negotiation: Negotiating a claim without expert legal support may put you at a significant disadvantage in negotiations with opposing lawyers. The best way to manage compensation cases is to ensure that you receive appropriate legal guidance and support prior to considering any settlement of your claim.
  • Court action: You must have a lawyer and proper legal services to pursue a compensation claim in court. In a court action for compensation, there is often a considerable range of legal processes, related documentation, witnesses, and other matters related to making your claim. Our expert personal injury lawyers will ensure all requirements are met and fight to achieve the best possible outcome for your claim.

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