Why You Must Seek Legal Advice for Any Compensation Claim

Not every legal matter requires the assistance of a lawyer; however, making a compensation claim for a personal injury is a different story. Compensation law can be complex and confusing as there are so many sub-categories with different claim processes and the outcome of each case is largely determined by specific circumstances.

Whether you want to make a claim for a motor vehicle accident, medical negligence or a faulty product, it’s essential to seek advice from an experienced compensation lawyer. This ensures you have the best chance at receiving the compensation you are owed.

Do You Know How Much Your Claim is Worth?

One of the first moments claimants go wrong is when they estimate the value of their claim. Without much experience seeing how personal injury claims are resolved, it’s easy to misjudge what kind of compensation you are likely to be awarded and what kind of circumstances affect this decision.

Some claimants may vastly overestimate the value of their claim due to how they feel about the financial and personal hardship they are facing. Others may underestimate their claim due to a lack of knowledge or a failure to accurately determine the cost of things like ongoing treatment and rehabilitation.

Without Legal Advice, You Might Make Bad Decisions

This inability to accurately determine the value of their claim can lead people to make unwise decisions. For example, the claimant may be unhappy with the compensation offered by a CTP insurer or WorkCover Queensland and take the case to court. In many cases, litigation can backfire resulting in a smaller settlement while getting slumped with a host of expensive court-related fees.

In order to receive the full compensation you are entitled to, there are sometimes specific processes you need to complete before making a settlement. For example, you should determine whether you need ongoing treatment expenses and your level of permanent impairment before settlement. You need to finish your initial treatment and have a medical specialist assess these factors before determining the possibility of receiving any additional compensation.

Settlement Negotiations

Participating in settlement negotiations is another area where, as a claimant, you will be exposed to significant risks. The fact of the matter is that you will be at a significant disadvantage negotiating with opposing lawyers. While insurers are legally obligated to provide compensation, they will make every effort to achieve a settlement that is as conservative as possible.

There have been a number of cases where claimants have unwittingly been taken advantage of by insurers who offer a seemingly enticing offer while leaving out important information, such as your entitlements to other claims. The only way to avoid these issues is to ensure you have proper legal guidance on your side.

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