Injured in a Motorcycle Accident? Not Sure If You Can Claim Compensation?

It’s no secret that motorcyclists are in a particularly vulnerable position when it comes to sustaining injuries from accidents on our roads. They are less visible, not as protected and are sometimes treated inconsiderately by other road users.

The result is a far greater chance of a motorcyclist being injured in a road accident, and suffering injuries of a more serious nature. However, motorcyclists are entitled to compensation like any other road user. If you’re a motorcyclist who has been injured in an accident, you may be able to claim compensation.


Common Injuries and Causes of Accidents

Given the vulnerable position motorcyclists are in, accidents can occur in a variety of ways, from other vehicles cutting off, hitting or failing to give way to motorcyclists to sudden opening of car doors. This can result in a variety of injuries, such as:

  • fractures and dislocations
  • head injuries and spine injuries
  • burns and scarring
  • soft tissue damage
  • post-traumatic stress and other psychological disorders

Many motorcycle accidents also lead to death. In these cases, a dependant (such as a spouse or child) may be able to make a claim for the loss of financial support as well as other expenses associated with the incident.


What is the Process for Making a Claim?

All motor vehicle owners pay compulsory third party (CTP) insurance in Queensland so everyone is protected if an accident occurs. You may be able to make a CTP claim for compensation if you were injured in an accident and the other person was at fault.

Ensure you get the registration number and CTP insurer of the vehicle that caused the accident. Seek immediate medical attention following the accident. Aside from health reasons, this is important to determine whether any ongoing treatment or care is required and to obtain important medical records, which will be necessary for the claim process.

Accidents must be reported to the police within 28 days, otherwise you will be asked to justify this delay when making a claim. You should also lodge a claim with the CTP insurer of the other party within this period. You can then lodge a personal injury claim with the insurer within six months of the accident.


Legal Support Is Essential

It’s important to note that each accident is unique and depending on the circumstances, you may be able to make additional claims. As a result, you should hire an experienced compensation lawyer to offer personalised advice and services.

Your compensation lawyer will help you navigate the complex claims process and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve so you can focus on your recovery. Seek legal advice as soon as possible as strict time limits apply to making a claim and your case may require an investigation.

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