If You Have an Accident in a Public Place, How Do You Claim Compensation?

When you’re out in a public place, like a local park, you can expect a reasonable level of safety. For example, you expect playground equipment to be well-constructed or for the roof above you to be structurally sound.

 Public Liability Claims Work

Most businesses, homeowners and managers of public spaces are covered by public liability insurance to cover claims for unexpected accidents such as:

If you make a claim after being injured, it will generally be paid by the insurance company. The difficulty arises in proving another person was at fault. For example, if you are injured because a structurally unsound roof collapsed on top of you, there would be a better chance of making a claim than if you were injured as a result of your own dangerous or unreasonable behaviour.

How to Start the Compensation Process

If you were injured in a public space and believe you may be eligible for compensation, it is essential to discuss the matter with an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Public liability claims tend to be complicated and can be contested by those you are making the claim against.

Quick action is necessary because time limits apply to making a claim and thorough preparation is required by lawyers to increase your chances of a successful claim. When you meet with your lawyers, we will review the incident and determine whether you are entitled to a claim. We’ll then collect evidence, explore every insurance avenue and ensure the case is reviewed from every angle.

For example, if you become disabled from the incident, one of the insurance avenues might be Total Permanent Disability Insurance, which is offered by many superannuation organisations.

Brisbane Injury Lawyers Can Help

If you want to lodge a public liability claim, speak to one of our experienced personal injury Lawyers. We have extensive experience dealing with public liability claims and will ensure you have the best possible chance of receiving the compensation you deserve.

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