Why You Should Seek Legal Help before Making a Claim against an Employer

Despite everyone’s best efforts, workplace disputes and conflicts between employees and employers can be impossible to avoid. Aside from causing a lot of stress, disputes can have serious legal and financial consequences for both parties.

Disputes can arise from a number of situations, including conflicts over terms and conditions of employment, workers’ compensation, unfair dismissal, discrimination and harassment. If you are an employee thinking about taking action against your employer over a workplace dispute, it is crucial that you get legal advice.

What Are Your Options?

The appropriate way to resolve a workplace issue depends on the dispute and the specific circumstances. For example, if you are concerned someone in your workplace is not complying with workplace laws, you can make an anonymous report to Fair Work Australia.

Disputes over a contract or serious cases of workplace bullying and harassment may warrant direct action. Most employers will have a specific policy regarding these matters or may have a general complaints policy to raise the matter formally with them. Ideally, the dispute will be solved internally but this isn’t always possible.

Legal action can include complaining to public authorities like Workplace Health and Safety Queensland or making a claim against your employer. In these cases, you should consult an experienced compensation lawyer who will be able to help you determine the appropriate course of action.

Are You Making a Work-Related injury Claim?

Employees can suffer from a range of work-related injuries, from serious illness and physical injuries to repetitive strain injuries and mental injuries driven by stress or trauma. You can be compensated for medical costs, ongoing treatment, lost wages and other damages affecting you or your family.

Making a claim for a work-related injury is not a simple process, however. The associated legal issues can be complicated, especially if your claim is contested. A settlement is generally reached either through negotiation or court action. Both processes require the presence of experienced compensation lawyers on both sides.

The Importance of Legal Support

Injured workers making a claim face a variety of potential risks including receiving compensation that does not reflect your full entitlements, being unaware of your rights and finalising a claim without obtaining your complete entitlements.

There are two pathways to making a work-related injury claim – workers’ compensation and common law claims. Your lawyer will help you determine which pathway is most appropriate for your case and ensure you receive the best possible compensation.

Brisbane Injury Lawyers Can Help

Work-related injury claims are subject to strict time limits, so you should speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. The experienced team of compensation lawyers at Brisbane Injury Lawyers can help you with work-related injury claims in Queensland.

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