Common Reasons Why Plaintiffs Make Claims

Legal claims often result in financial compensation being awarded but this is not always the first priority of the plaintiff. Court cases are pursued for a variety of reasons, all of which demonstrate valid motivation to put in the work required to successfully win a legal battle. A few common reasons our clients make legal claims are listed below.

Emotional Distress/ Psychological Trauma

Psychological injury occurs when emotional trauma has been severe enough to result in a psychiatric illness or severe reduction in personal functioning. Common types of psychological injury resulting in legal claims include depression, severe anxiety, insomnia, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Emotional Distress can be caused by stressful working conditions, an accident, or professional negligence that has affected your ability to financially support yourself or severely impacted on your lifestyle. In these types of cases, pursuing legal action can help plaintiffs to move on and recover from the trauma they have suffered.

Protect Your Rights

Every human being is covered by national and international rights; it is important for these to be upheld in the interest of morality and fairness. These include human rights, the right to privacy, equality rights, and free speech and defamation issues. In cases derived from these topics, the end goal includes social progress, new legal precedents and protection for individuals from harm and discriminatory treatment.

Enforce a Contract

We put contracts in place to protect ourselves in a wide variety of situations, such as employment contracts, property titles and business agreements. When a contract is signed, both parties make a legally binding agreement to abide by the terms and when this doesn’t happen, it is important to pursue legal action in order to protect your rights and assets.

Prevent Future Harm to Others

This is often the goal of medical or professional negligence claims, where a plaintiff seeks justice in order to achieve a change in procedure or dismissal of a negligent professional. When a patient receives an unacceptable level of care in regards to a medical procedure, it is important for legal action to be taken in order to ensure this doesn’t become a regular occurrence (link to blog post 8).

If an employee is being treated unfairly or inappropriately by an employer (link to blog post 3), bringing about a legal case is a way to protect future employees from harm.

Protect Your Property

Property law can be a useful tool to protect your assets if you own a residential or commercial property, hold rights to land or act as a landlord dealing with rental agreements. Disputes over property frequently arise both on a professional and personal level – from a neighbour’s fence extending over your property to developers requiring access to your land.

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