Settling a Motor Vehicle Accident – What to Expect

Accidents on the road have a devastating effect on vehicles, property and the well-being of those involved. If you choose to go ahead with an accident claim, an injury lawyer can help you navigate the case. We’ve taken an in-depth look at the legal processes and expectations involved in making a motor vehicle accident claim.

The Compensation Claim Process

Compensation claims can be frustrating and have a tendency to drag on, often incorporating additional problems regarding medical costs, financial hardship and daily inconveniences after the accident. An experienced legal representative will help to manage these difficulties throughout the entire claim process.

A claim can be pursued through a negotiated settlement where disputes are settled between the parties with assistance from their attorneys. If negotiation cannot be achieved, claimants have the option to pursue court action. Speaking to your Brisbane-based attorney will help you decide the best route for your compensation claim.

The most effective way to pursue a claim with an insurance company is to keep in mind that the insurer will require a large amount of information from you. The more documentation you can provide, the more likely you are to receive fair compensation for your damages and injuries.

Types of Damages that Can Be Collected

If you are making a claim for property damage, you may be entitled to compensation for vehicle damage, personal property damage, car rental and all other out-of-pocket expenses – for example, if you needed to order a taxi home from the scene of the accident.

If you haven’t provided proof of an out-of-pocket expense, the insurance company will take the position that you are not entitled to be compensated for that loss.

In The Case of Physical Injury in an Accident

If you suffer physical injuries due to a motor accident, the legal process involved will become much more complex. Along with property damage compensation, you may be entitled to reimbursement of medical expenses, lost wages and ongoing mental/physical hardship that stems from the accident.

What You Can Expect from Your Legal Team

Insurance companies work entirely in their best interests from an economic standpoint so having the support of a reputable injury lawyer will give you peace of mind that a party is acting in your best interests.

Negotiation with an insurance company is required for all compensation claims and is often the most efficient means of claiming reimbursement, negating the need for lengthy court processes. Court action is generally not a requirement. If the claim cannot be settled through negotiation, your Brisbane attorney will finalise basic traffic accident claims within 12 to 18 months.

If you are looking to begin a compensation claim following a motor vehicle accident, the experienced team at Brisbane Injury Lawyers can help you navigate the process and organise your applications. Contact us online for a consultation or call 07 3188 5800.